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$35 per Tape Transfer
Discounts for 10 or more

Super 8 Transfer to Digital

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Video Tape Conversion Service in Perth

24 Years Experience Converting VHS and Camcorder Video Tapes


* For 10 or more video conversions we offer a free pickup and delivery service within 20 km of Joondalup

All work performed in-house.  We do not send your video tapes off to who knows where, like some companies do

Video Tape Conversion to DVD in Perth

VHS To DVD Conversion Perth

We charge per tape regardless of the type or length of the tape.

  • 1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
  • 10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
  • 20 or more tapes get a 20% discount

These prices are for conversion to DVD, and include the cost of the DVDs and DVD cases.

Each video tape is transferred to a separate DVD. To maintain quality tapes over 2 hours longs are split over two DVDs at no additional cost.

Video Tape Conversion to USB in Perth

Video to USB Conversion Perth

Video tape to USB memory stick transfer

  • 1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
  • 10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
  • 20 or more tapes get a 20% discount

The cost of the USB Memory Stick is included in the price.

Your video tapes are converted to MP4 video format and copied to a USB memory stick. This format is ideal for editing your videos on your computer.

VHS to Digital Conversion Perth

Video Tape Conversion to Hard Disk in Perth

Video to Hard Disk Conversion Perth

We can transfer your video tapes to a hard disk. 

The price of a new hard disk is $80

PLUS video transfer costs, as below:

  • 1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
  • 10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
  • 20 or more tapes get a 20% discount

NOTE: Hard disk will be formatted using NTFS.  The video file format is MP4

If you have a lot of video tapes then this is the best option.  A 4-hour tape may end up as a 6 GB MP4 file, and rather than cram them onto a USB memory stick, you can store as many videos as you want on a portable hard disk drive.

Types of Video Tape that we can convert to DVD, USB or hard Disk

Convert Camcorder Tapes to Digital

VHS Video Conversion Perth

VHS Video Transfer Perth

  • Convert VHS To Digital Service
  • VHS To DVD Perth
VHS-C Video Conversion Perth WA

VHS-C Video Transfer Perth

Mini DV Video Transfer Perth

Mini DV Video Tape Transfer Perth

Hi8 Video Conversion Perth

8 MM Video Transfer Perth

Professional Digital Video Transfer Equipment

VHS Tape Conversion Perth Joondalup
Sony 8 mm Digital 8 Tape Conversion Perth
Hi8 Video Tape Conversion Perth

Super 8 and Standard 8 mm Film Reel Transfers in Perth

Super 8 Transfer to Digital Perth

8 mm Film Reel Conversion Perth

Super 8 Film Conversion Perth


  • Super 8 Film & Standard 8 mm Film Conversion – (Cine Film)
  • Frame by Frame transfer process.
  • Scanned in Full 1080 HD (no sound)

 Super 8 Film Conversion details

Super 8 Film Conversion Perth

Super 8 Film Conversion Perth


50-foot, 3-inch Film Reel $55 each

100-foot, 4-inch Film Reel $95 each

200-foot, 5-inch Film Reel $145 each

300-foot, 6-inch Film Reel $195 each

400-foot, 7-inch Film Reel $245 each

* All transferred to USB memory stick

Super 8 conversion to digital format in Perth, WA

Beware of cheap video tape conversion companies in Perth


If a company quotes you a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks for transferring your videos, you must ask yourself why so long?

Is is just a low quality hobby business? Are they sending your precious video tapes offshore, maybe to China for cheap conversion to DVD or USB?  What happens if they get lost in transport – you have lost your memories forever.

We do everything in-house, which is why we can offer 24 hr video transfer processing as standard.  Rush jobs we can do on the same day.

Do not risk your memories to the cheapest quote.



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 Digital Video Transfer to USB, DVD or Hard Disk in Perth (nr Joondalup & Wanneroo)

Video Tape Transfer Prices and Discounts

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Discount for 10 or more tapes


Discount for 20 or more tapes

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