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My own family videos
My daughter paragliding in Mauritius

Why use Cheltenham Group for your digital transfers?

  • Quality service
  • Over 20 years’ VHS tape transfer experience
  • Fast turnaround
  • Police checked and working with children checked.
  • Accept credit cards without a surcharge.
  • Convert your VHS tapes to USB memory stick, DVD or hard disk.
  • A full time, professional business, not a weekend hobby job like so many of our cheap competitors.
  • A local family run business you can trust.

Slide Scanning Service

We scanned these photographic slides and then turned them into a slideshow. This is a sample of the quality you can expect when you use our slide scanning service.

Image Enhancement Included

When we scan your photographs or slides, image enhancement is included, as you can see from these ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples

Before Photograph Enhancement

Sample Photo Scanning Service Perth - Before

After Photograph Enhancement

Sample Photo Scanning Service Perth - Before

View the full sized enhanced sample photo scan

Before Enhancement

Sample Photo Scanning Service Perth - Before

After Enhancement

Sample Photo Scanning Service Perth - Before

View the full sized enhanced sample photo scan

Why convert your VHS tapes to digital format?

By converting your old VHS tapes to DVD or USB, you can preserve your precious memories. VHS tapes are easily damaged and can get chewed up by your VCR player. Over time, the picture and sound quality of VHS tapes can deteriorate. VHS tapes are susceptible to magnetic fields, heat and damp and may even become moldy. If your VCR player stops working it can be difficult to find a replacement, second hand VCR, as they haven’t been manufactured for years.


About my video tape conversion service in Perth, WA

I started my VHS tape conversion business in Cheltenham England, and moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2007. I can convert most types of video tapes, including VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, plus Hi8 and Mini-DV video tapes.

These days most people convert their old home movie videos to an MP4 file format on a USB memory stick, but if you want, I can transfer your videos to DVDs. If you have a lot of VHS video tapes, you may want to consider copying the video files to a portable hard disk.


Should I convert my VHS tapes to USB, DVD or Hard Disk?

VHS tape transfer to USB

  • You can store dozens of old VHS tapes on a single USB memory stick.
  • Stored in modern MP4 file format.
  • Easy to edit with standard video editing software.
  • Easy to backup
  • Easy to make copies for friends and family.
  • Easy to watch on multiple devices such as a computer, Tablet or TV
  • But may be damaged if not properly ejected from a computer socket.


VHS Video tape transfer to hard disk (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD)

You can store hundreds of old VHS video tapes on a portable hard disk drive. The older type of hard drives were full of delicate moving parts, and by simply dropping the drive you could damage it, making it useless.

The more modern form of portable drive is called a Solid-State Drive or SSD. While more expensive, these are highly recommended as they contain no moving parts and are a much safer option to consider when storing your old video films.

The downside of using portable hard drives, is that they may not work on your particular TV.

I won’t bore you with the details, but portable drives (and even USBs) can be formatted using three different formats, and some of these work on some TV, but will not be guaranteed to play on all TV models.


VHS Video tape transfer to DVD

  • Ideal for an older relative that does not understand how to use USB memory sticks, but is comfortable with using a DVD player.
  • Each VHS video is stored on a separate disk making it easy to play a particular video film.
  • Many modern TVs do not have the sockets to allow you to connect to an old VCR, which needed three cables, red and white for sound and yellow for video.
  • The DVD may become scratched or damaged and eventually may not be able to be played. DVDs need to be handled with care and stored in protective cases.


After you have converted your VHS video tapes make backup copies

Keep your original CVHS video tapes, ideally in a sealed plastic container. I have been converting old video tapes for years and have had many cases where customers ring me up years later, explaining that they threw away their old video tapes and then lost or damaged the digital copies. At that point they lost their precious memories for good. Always make multiple backup copies of your video tape conversions.

Our Digital Conversion Services in Perth  include:

  • VHS to USB conversion
  • Hi8 Video tape transfer to USB
  • Mini-DV tape transfer to USB.
  • Super 8 Film Reel transfer
  • Photo scanning
  • Slide scanning

A brief history of the VHS tape

The original Video Home System (VHS) tape and the VHS recorders (VCRs) were developed by the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in in 1976.

VHS originally stood for Vertical Helical Scan, because of the recording system used by the tape. Also in 1976, both JVC and Panasonic adopted the VHS tape format.

The VHS system was very popular in the eighties but was eventually superseded by the DVD disk. These days most people simply use streaming services such as Netflix, rather than buying physical tapes or disks.

Video Tape Transfer Reviews


Was wonderful to see some of the footage after it was transferred from VHS tape onto thumbdrive. Triggered lots of lovely memories some of which were over 40yrs old. The turnaround time was 24hrs from handing the tapes over to being able to watch. Thankyou David

Linda Mellon


Video Tape Transfer Reviews


We had over 30 video tapes transferred to USB by David and some of these were well over 25 years old. The results are super and quality excellent. It was completed in just over a week and the cost was very competitive. Great to see our memories in such a compact and easy format. Recommended!

Bill Pritchard


Video Tape Transfer Reviews

David converted 2 VCRs with filming from our wedding day in 2000. First time we’ve been able to watch them in many years! Very happy with the conversion, quick turn around and good communication as well. Thanks again!

Helen Robinson


Video Tape Transfer Reviews

Excellent service, great professionalism, I’m really happy with the work done and I also recommended it to a friend of mine who also used David’s services

Vincenzo La Pegna
Banksia Grove

Video Tape Transfer Reviews

I was trying to convert some 40+ year old Betamx recordings of a wedding of a friend. I was blown away that the copy was very viewable, most was still in colour and the audio excellent. Many of the participants, including the groom have passed away. It was very special to recover these memories. Thank you so much.

Warren Daniel

Video Tape Transfer Reviews

Brilliant work .very fast turnaround
It was awesome to use a local person
And support small business in our area
Thank you so much ive waited 15 years to see what was on my tape so many lovely memories to look back on thanks to you .
I would 100% recommend

Mindy Durose

Video Tape Transfer Reviews

David converted 2 wedding videos to my own hard drive. Both were done same day and he even took the time to re format another digital item already on the hard drive that I was having trouble viewing through the TV.
An excellent experience and all the more welcome as I was newly widowed and very emotional. Thank you David.

Claire Whittaker

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