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35 mm Film Negative Scanning Service in Perth

Perth Film Negative Scanning Service

We can scan your old photographic negatives in high resolution and copy them to a USB memory stick.

Our scanning service includes image enhancement to restore old, faded slides to their former glory.

We can scan in a range of scanning resolutions from 1000 DPI up to a fabulous 4000 DPI.

The higher the DPI (Dots Per Inch) the better the quality of the image.

If you just intend to view the scanned pictures on a computer, 1000 DPI is fine.

However, if you intend to get large physical prints made from your old film negatives, you should choose a higher scanning resolution.

Our scanning prices page lists prices and details for the type of negatives that most people used back in the day.

Professional photographers used cameras that contained much bigger film (physically), and we can also scan them, but the cost is considerably higher.

If you have any large format negatives, please call for a quote.

In most cases once you had your film developed, the negatives would be returned in a protective wallet, normally cut into strips of 5 or 6 individual negatives.

Please note all our negative scanning prices are per individual negative, not per negative strip.

We can store the scanned images as either JPG or TIFFs.

Most people want JPGs as these have a smaller file size and are more compatible with image viewing software.

The TIFF format is useful if you plan to edit the images using programs such as Photoshop (you can of course also edit the JPG formatted images in Photoshop)

Please see details of our negative scanning service in Perth.



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