35 mm Film Negative Scanning Service, Perth

Film Negative Scanning

We will scan your film negatives and transfer them to a USB memory stick.


  • We scan all film negatives in super-high resolution at 3500 PPI.
  • Image enhancement is included in the price.
  • You get one set of original slide scans, and a second set using image enhancement, including brightness, contrast, and colour balance adjustments.
  • The minimum order price is $100.
  • Price is $1.00  per negative scanned.


  • Negative Scanning Service in Perth
  • Negatives to Digital Service
  • Scanning Negatives Australia
35 mm Film Negative Scanning Service

JPEG and TIFF Digital Formats

JPG Images
Produced by many digital cameras and mobile phones. The JPG image format uses compression which means that the file size of each image is smaller. This makes them more convenient if you simply wish to view them on your screen or send them to friends or family electronically. Also great for uploading to websites or social media.

TIFF Images
This digital file format is used by professionals that wish to edit the images using software programs such as Photoshop or GIMP. The big advantage of TIFF files over JPG formats is that no quality is lost when you repeatedly edit and save a TIFF formatted image.
The disadvantage is the TIFF format will have a much larger file size than a JPG file formats. However, you can use most good image editing programs to convert TIFF files to JPG files.

You can choose which file format you want, at no extra cost.



Small family run company based in Perth, WA. We offer a professional service with fast turnaround. All work is performed in-house.


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