Super 8 Film Transfer Service – Perth, WA

Standard 8 mm Film Reel Conversion to USB

Super 8 Film Conversion Perth

Super 8 Film & Standard 8 mm Film Conversion – (Cine Film)

Frame by Frame transfer process.
Scanned in Full 1080p HD (no sound)

Discounts for volume …

Super 8 Film Transfer to USB

8mm & Super 8 Film Conversion to USB

8 mm and Super 8 film transfer to USB allows you to preserve your family memories for future generations. We use high quality, professional scanners.


Super 8 Film Reel Transfer

Frame by Frame Super 8 Film Scanning

We use professional Frame-by-Frame scanning using 1080p resolution.

Many competitors offer a lower resolution of just 720p HD.

With our Super 8 scanning service, Full HD is our standard, offering you a much better image quality.

Super 8 Film Reel Transfer

Super 8 Film Conversion Prices

Super 8 Film & Standard 8 mm Film Conversion – (Cine Film)

50-foot, 3-inch Film Reel $55 each
100-foot, 4-inch Film Reel $95 each
200-foot, 5-inch Film Reel $145 each
300-foot, 6-inch Film Reel $195 each
400-foot, 7-inch Film Reel $245 each

Orders over $150 – 10% discount
Orders over $300 – 20% discount
Orders over $400 – 30% discount
Orders over $500 – 40% discount

Super 8 Film Viewer Service

8mm & Super 8 Film Viewer

If you no longer have a Super 8 projector, you can bring your old films to us and view them on our film viewer. Then you can decide which films you wish to transfer to a digital format.

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