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Transfer your old video tapes to hard disk

You can store hundreds of videos on a hard disk.  In many cases you can attach the hard disk directly to a television, or through a Blue Ray player.
HOWEVER, some TVs or disk players may not play MPG video files, so you need to check what formats your devices will accept.  Therefore, we always recommend conversion to a DVD format, which should be compatible with just about any modern DVD or Blue ray players. DVD also works on most computer disk players.

We cannot accept customer hard disks because of the risk of viruses.

We format our hard disks using HPFS so that files larger than 4 GB can be stored on them, so you need to make sure that your computer can read an HPFS formatted drive.  Some older Apple computers have issues with this type of disk format.

So, in summary:

  •  Videos are converted to MPG file format.
  • Hard disks are HPFS formatted



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