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Wanted: We buy VCRs for cash in Perth, WA

The Video Tape Recorder must be in perfect working order and be from a well-respected manufacturer such as Panasonic, JVC and Sony.

We only purchase VCRs with a stereo output. If you look at the back of the tape machine, you can tell if your video cassette player is stereo (not mono) as it will have three connections for cables that has a yellow plug, plus a red plug and white plug. Mono VCRs only have two plus sockets, one yellow (for the video signal) and one for the sound.

Better VCRs have an HDMI connection or a firewire connection.

You can bring it round and we can give you an offer once we have run a quick check on the machine.

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We buy digital cameras that use tapes

We also purchase Mini DV cameras, including standard MiniDV cameras as well as the later MiniDV HDV tape formats.

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