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Can you copy my video tapes that are protected by a commercial copy protection system?

No, we do not violate copyright law.


Can you copy my old video tapes containing feature files that I purchased from a shop?

No, we do not violate copyright. Tapes containing feature films are covered by international copyright law and we are not permitted to copy these. It is against the law.


Can you copy video tapes containing TV shows that I have recorded from the TV?

No, we do not violate copyright law.


What video tape formats do you accept for conversion to DVD?

– VHS Video Tapes
– VHS-C Video Tapes
– SVHS Video Tapes
– Mini DV Tapes
– Standard 8mm Video Tapes
– Video8 Tapes
– Hi8 Video Tapes
– Digital8 Video Tapes
– PAL and USA / NTSC format


Can you combine several, separate video tapes onto a single DVD disk?

We do not combine different video tapes onto a single DVD disk.
Each individual video tape is transferred to a separate DVD disk.


Can you transfer video tapes recorded within Australia & New Zealand, and the UK ?



Can you transfer video tapes recorded within North America (which uses NTSC format, rather than PAL used in the UK and Australia)?



What video format is used on the DVDs that you produce?

Your tapes will be converted to a standard DVD format, that can be played back on most DVD players and viewed via your television.


What is your normal turnaround time?

We normally expect to turn around orders within 24 hrs. During exceptionally busy periods, such as Christmas time, this may increase.


Do your prices include GST?

Yes, GST is included in the prices quoted.


Do you transfer Video8, 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8 video tapes to DVD?



Do you transfer VHS, SVHS and VHS-C video tapes to DVD?



Can you transfer old Super 8 reels of film to DVD?



What sort of DVDs to you record too?

We record to DVD-Rs.


Will the DVDs you produce play back on my DVD player?

Most modern DVD players will play DVD-R types of DVD. Some older DVD players may not be compatible with the DVD-R format.

NOTE: You need to check, prior to placing your order, as no refunds can be made due to your DVD player being unable to use DVD-Rs. Alternatively, consider purchasing a new DVD player, as they are inexpensive and far more flexible than older DVD players.


Can you accept tapes recorded at non-standard speeds?

No. Your video tapes must be recorded at the standard speed, and not use the ‘extended play’ feature that lets you record for longer periods, (by slowing the tape speed when recording).


Do you retain copies of my videos?



Do you view the video tapes that customers send you?

We run random spot checks for quality control purposes. Your tapes are private and as a rule we do not view them and we never retain copies of your tapes.


Some of my video tapes are very old and very poor quality, can you still transfer them?

We offer a video tape to DVD transfer service not a restoration service. If your original tape is very poor quality, converting it to DVD format will not improve the quality.


Do you copy-protect or encrypt the DVDs?

No. This means that you can make copies of the finished DVD on your own computer, if required.

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