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Slide Scanning Service Perth | Transfer Slides to USB 

Slide Conversion to Digital

  • We can scan all your old 35 mm slides and convert them to JPG files.
  • We use quality, professional slide scanners, not the sort of cheap equipment you can buy for $70 on Gumtree!
  • We scan your slides at ultra-high resolution of 3500 PPI for the best possible image quality.

Convert slides to digital in Australia

Choose your slide scanning resolution.


1000 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Slide Scanning Resolution

$1.00 per scan which includes cropping, orientation and image enhancement.

Ideal for viewing on a screen.

Smaller file size

Quicker to copy to a USB.


3500 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Slide Scanning Resolution

$1.50 per scan which includes cropping, orientation and image enhancement.
Ideal for printing out large sized photographs in high resolution.
But file sizes are much larger and it will take longer to copy to a USB.


Our Perth based slide scanning service includes:

  • Professional slide scanning at 3500 PPI
  • Slide Colour balance adjustment
  • Slide Contrast adjustment
  • Slide Brightness adjustment.

Slide colour correction & enhancement

We adjust the brightness, contrast and colour balance for each slide.


Slide edge cropping for each slide

We manually crop each slide to remove any white borders


Slide image rotation

We rotate your images, so they are correctly oriented as either landscape or portrait.


High resolution slide scanning

We scan at very high 3500 PPI resolution for super high quality.


We can scan the following formats in a 2 inch slide format.

  • 35 mm Slide Transfer
  • 126 Slide Transfer
  • 127 Slide Transfer
  • 110 Slide Transfer
35 mm Slide Scanning Service Perth

JPEG and TIFF Digital Formats

JPG Images
Produced by many digital cameras and mobile phones. The JPG image format uses compression which means that the file size of each image is smaller. This makes them more convenient if you simply wish to view them on your screen or send them to friends or family electronically. Also great for uploading to websites or social media.

TIFF Images
This digital file format is used by professionals that wish to edit the images using software programs such as Photoshop or GIMP. The big advantage of TIFF files over JPG formats is that no quality is lost when you repeatedly edit and save a TIFF formatted image.
The disadvantage is the TIFF format will have a much larger file size than a JPG file formats. However, you can use most good image editing programs to convert TIFF files to JPG files.

You can choose which file format you want, at no extra cost.



Photographs and slide file name numbering

We CANNOT guarantee to scan your slides or photos in a particular order. However, the JPG files will be sequentially numbered, and you can easily renumber and reorder the files using your computer.


Small family run company based in Perth, WA. We offer a professional service with fast turnaround. All work is performed in-house.

Sample Slide Scans | 3500 ppi Resolution Scanning here in Perth

Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 16
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 15
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 13
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 07
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 05
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 04
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 18
Sample Slide Scan – Perth Slide Scanning Service 17
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We can scan the following slide types

Slide size: 2 x 2 inches

Slide size: 2 x 2 inches

Slide size: 2 x 2 inches

Slide size: 2 x 2 inches

Slide size: 2 x 2 inches



Was wonderful to see some of the footage after it was transferred from VHS tape onto thumbdrive. Triggered lots of lovely memories some of which were over 40yrs old. The turnaround time was 24hrs from handing the tapes over to being able to watch. Thankyou David

Linda Mellon




We had over 30 video tapes transferred to USB by David and some of these were well over 25 years old. The results are super and quality excellent. It was completed in just over a week and the cost was very competitive. Great to see our memories in such a compact and easy format. Recommended!

Bill Pritchard



David converted 2 VCRs with filming from our wedding day in 2000. First time we’ve been able to watch them in many years! Very happy with the conversion, quick turn around and good communication as well. Thanks again!

Helen Robinson



Excellent service, great professionalism, I’m really happy with the work done and I also recommended it to a friend of mine who also used David’s services

Vincenzo La Pegna
Banksia Grove


Quick and efficient and easy to work with. Thankyou

Skye Minear


I had some old camcorder tapes put onto usb and they turned out great. The service was easy , fast and well priced. Will be a repeat customer

Lynette H


I was trying to convert some 40+ year old Betamx recordings of a wedding of a friend. I was blown away that the copy was very viewable, most was still in colour and the audio excellent. Many of the participants, including the groom have passed away. It was very special to recover these memories. Thank you so much.

Warren Daniel


Great service, nice and quick, all my vhs and reel tapes have converted great. Enjoying watching old family movies

Tammie Clark


Brilliant work .very fast turnaround
It was awesome to use a local person
And support small business in our area
Thank you so much ive waited 15 years to see what was on my tape so many lovely memories to look back on thanks to you .
I would 100% recommend

Mindy Durose


Prompt efficient friendly service and so close to home. Will definitely be using this service again. Thanks for doing a great job.

Lynda Bailey


David converted 2 wedding videos to my own hard drive. Both were done same day and he even took the time to re format another digital item already on the hard drive that I was having trouble viewing through the TV.
An excellent experience and all the more welcome as I was newly widowed and very emotional. Thank you David.

Claire Whittaker


Absolutely wonderful! Tapes were damaged and 40 years old. All were perfectly copied to thumb drive format. So impressed with the customer service and speed of turn around. Only 24hours and right before Christmas. Thank you David

Amber Kittson


Thank you for our footage we have wanted to do this for years. It brought tears to my eyes watching our now grown children when they were little. They have got a few laughs as well watching themselves. 100% worth getting it done!!

Denise Bramley


Fantastic service, David was very lovely and had 10 of our VHS tapes transferred very fast!
Dating back to the 80’s, and great quality!!

Nicole Hodge


Had several video cassettes converted to usb. Wonderful memories to keep. The quality very good and the service prompt

Diana Rosher


Such a wonderful service! The speed and quality of the conversion of all the tapes exceeded my expectations! David is wonderful to communicate with and makes the entire experience so easy and truly satisfying. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos and I will certainly be going back to convert more tapes

Jean Lavelle


David was a real gentleman to deal with. He converted some old VHS tapes and 35mm slides very quickly. The prices were the best that I’ve come across in Perth. Would definitely use again

Joshua D

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