Video Tape Transfer, Perth, WA


Video Tape Conversion service includes:

  • USB or DVD
  • Video Editing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Processed on professional video equipment and enhanced using Video Editing Software
  • 24 Hr Turnaround

We convert all of the following video formats …

VCR Video Tape Conversion

VHS Tape Conversion

VHS tapes were used by the VCR machines that people used back in the 1980s and were the big bulky tapes that most people used back in the day. These tapes can normally store between 2 and 4 hours of recorded materials.

We also convert SVHS – Super VHS  Video tapes – Same Price

VHS-C Adaptor - Video Tape Conversion Perth

VHS-C Tape Conversion

VHS-C tapes were small tapes that you placed in a VHS-C adaptor and then played in a standard VHS VCR machine. They were used in old video camcorders and were popular due to the fact that could be played on most standard VCR machines.

Mini DV Video Tape Transfer to USB

Mini-DV Conversion

There are a number of Mini-DV tape formats. The original tape format was simply called ‘Mini-DV’. Later DV Cam and HDV Mini-DV formats were developed. We can transfer all the different varieties of Mini-DV formatted tapes to either DVD or USB memory stick.

Hi8 Video Tape to USB

Video 8 Tape Conversion

The Video 8 tape format was developed specifically for use in compact camcorders. It was not compatible with VHS VCR machines and required playback via the camera or via a special Video 8 tape deck. The original format was analogue, not digital.

Mini DV Video Tape Transfer

Hi 8 Tape Conversion

Hi8 video was introduced as an enhancement to the original Video 8 tape format. It was still analogue but offered superior picture quality.

Mini DV Video Tape Transfer Deck

Digital 8 Tape Conversion

The Digital 8 video tape format, as the name implies was digital rather than analogue and offered much higher quality compared to the earlier formats.

VHS Video Tape Conversion Perth WA

NTSC (USA & Canada) Tape Conversion

The USA and Canada used a video standard, called NTSC, while places such as the UK and Australia used a different system, called PAL. The two video formats are incompatible. The good news that when we convert NTSC-formatted tapes to either DVD or USB memory stick, these days it does not matter where you are, they will play just fine. A rare example of life getting simpler! We can convert all your old NTSC tapes for you.

VHS VCR Video Tape Conversion

Conversion Features

We don’t just simply convert your old video tapes to a DVD or USB.


  • Our video conversion services include editing and image enhancement.
  • If you have a 3-hour tape containing two hours of family footage plus an old recording off the TV at the end, we can remove all the old TV footage.
  • If your tapes are broken, our conversion service includes fixing any broken tapes.
  • Maybe the tape has snapped or twisted. We fix the tape. It is all part of the service.
Betamax and Betacord Video Tape Transfer

Betamax & Betacord Video Tape Transfer

We transfer Betamax video tapes or Betacord as they are known as within Australia.
See more details about Betacord Tape conversion.

Perth Quality Video Tape Conversion
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